Kami Helm

Kami was born in Longview, Texas and spent most of her childhood in rural parts of Texas. She grew up as an artist, specializing in cartoons and obtaining a degree in Art History. She now spends her time as a full time novelist and stay-at-home mom to three children. Her husband, Jeremy, is also an artist and did all the design work for her book and website.

Inspired by her adventures in the woods as a child, she began writing The Lippolik Conundrum. Writing was always a childhood dream of hers and she was greatly encouraged by her mother, who is an accomplished writer, as well.





Tammy Watson

Tammy lives on a state park in the deserts of Texas with the love of her life of over thirty years, and two crazy weimaraners. Writing has always been her passion, but she also has a bit of a dramatic flair and studied theatre in college. Tammy has written numerous plays, novels, skits, and a bi-weekly humorous column in a local newspaper.

As a couple, they love traveling and adventure. They are always on the trail hiking, biking, rock-climbing, and camping. Her love for history and mystery has found its way into her novels, as well, and she spends years researching for each of her books.


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